Torque-Lock® Drivers

Torque Driver Performance Upgrade


Intra-Lock’s Torque-Lock® Drivers (Long & Short) are now  manufactured from Tungsten Carbide for extra durability.


Tungsten Carbide is much stronger and rigid than steel. Instruments’ manufactured from this material have been reported to have a far greater lifespan than stainless steel instruments performing the same type of work. This material upgrade ensures that Torque Driver instruments’ precision and accuracy can be relied upon with confidence for many successful procedures.

Torque-Lock® ratchet wrenches are Intra-Lock’s series of torque instruments engineered for both surgical and prosthetic functions. Torque-Lock® has a built-in torque gauge that can accurately measure torque forces from 10 to 50 Ncm. It utilizes a patented technology of rubies and sapphires as bearing surfaces that provide minimal friction on the return stroke, resists the accumulation of blood and saliva and guarantees extreme, consistent precision. An internal coating of Teflon® ensures efficient cleaning and sterilization. Torque-Lock® 2L and 2H, two new additions to the Torque-Lock® family, offer the convenience of a standard manual ratchet wrench and torque indicator in one device. They open easily, in three components, for ease of cleaning.


Torque-Lock® 2-L is a low torque-indicating wrench ideal for dental implant restorations, while Torque-Lock 2-H provides higher torque readings, making it suitable for surgical applications.


Torque-Lock® 2

reliable simplicity

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A torque measurement instrument is more precise when the range of measurement is Narrow. Specifically designing two

versions of torque wrench instruments, one for lower torque and one for higher torque, provides better accuracy for each wrench.


The Torque-Lock 2-Low Torque Indicator (10Ncm-35Ncm) is designed for prosthetic functions and Torque-Lock 2-High Torque Indicator (35Ncm-70Ncm) is ideal for surgical applications. Both wrenches function identically.


A convenient driver adapter, standard with each wrench, also serves as a manual driver when used in conjunction with a Torque Driver (or any driver with a 4mm square connector). The open torsion bar and indicator scale are designed for ease of operation and maintenance.


Accuracy Ensured

Each Torque-Lock wrench is individually calibrated to ensure the instruments accuracy.

Bi-Function Operation

Position the Adapter into the head: Place for either Insertion (IN)  or removal (Out), as per desired function. Insert and press until it snaps into position with an audible click.

Manual Driver

The Adapter Driver serves as a manual driver as well as a functioning portion of the head. Insert a driver into the adapter and use for initial placement and finger-tightening or removal of prosthetic components.

Simplicity of Use

The wrench is easy to use. Simply grasp the torsion bar (A) and pull while applying downward finger pressure to the adapter/head assembly (B). And read the torque in Ncm.

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Ease of Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance: Simply depress the Head Release while simultaneously pulling the head for easy removal. Clean and sterilize head assembly, adapter driver and torsion bar separately.

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