Intra-Lock Prosthetics


Intra-Lock abutments offer support for a full range of restorative workflows. With PEEK temporary solutions, modernized emergence profiles, and support for CAD/CAM milling, the portfolio provides treatment options for various indications and patient conditions.


Healing Abutments

  • choice of emergence options
  • multiple tissue heights
  • anodized & laser-marked for easy identification

Temporary Abutments

  • PEEK abutment for short term use
  • snap-in design for easy modification
  • titanium abutment for long term use
  • color coded for identification

Impression Components

  • open-tray and closed-tray options
  • snap-in design
  • accommodates tissue heights

CAD/CAM Abutments

  • Ti base abutments for hybrid restorations
  • abutment blanks for CAD/CAM milling
  • supported through Vulcan Custom Dental
Custom Cast Abutments

Custom Cast Abutments

  • Gold alloy abutments for castable restorations
  • plastic version available for full burnout
  • polishing protector included for ensuring connection integrity
Contour abutments

Contour Abutments

  • modernized emergence
  • straight and angled designs
  • use for cementable restorations
Multi-unit abutments

Multi-Unit Abutments

  • screw-retained full arch restorations
  • multiple tissue heights
  • straight, 17°, and 30° designs
Overdenture Abutments

Overdenture Abutments

  • removable full arch restorations
  • can accommodate up to 50° of divergence
  • all-in-one package
MDL Abutments

MDL/MILO Abutments

  • Housing cap for denture conversion
  • Cement-Over abutments for cementable restorations
  • plastic castable abutments for custom cast bridges


Prosthetic Kit

Standard restorative instruments support all available workflows. Instrument tray available for customized kit.


Custom Prosthetics

Vulcan Custom Dental

Vulcan Custom Dental is an advanced prosthesis milling center with a primary focus on dental implant restorations. Based out of Birmingham, AL, Vulcan resides in what once was the foremost American steel producer, now a hub for biotechnology and the latest advances in medical research. Vulcan's well-equipped team of skilled dental technicians and biomedical engineers builds strong relationships with dental implant manufacturers and state of the art dental labs to help facilitate outstanding patient care.
Vulcan custom abutments