After the congress, "Natural Healing in Dentistry", organized by the Department of Periodontology Catholic University

of Lueven, Belgium, the following consensus guidelines were released. They list suggested protocols for applying the

IntraSpin/ L-PRF concept in different intra-oral applications. With their permission we are providing this PDF.

Guidelines for the use of L-PRF

Step by Step Approach


Nelson R. Pinto1, Andy Temmerman2, Ana B. Castro2,

Simone Cortellini2, Wim Teughels2, & Marc Quirynen2


1: University of the Andes, Department of Periodontics and Implant

Dentistry, Faculty of Dentistry, Santiago, Chile


2: Catholic University of Leuven / University Hospitals Leuven,

Department of Oral Health Sciences, Periodontology, Leuven, Belgium



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