IntraSpin System is intended to be used for the safe and rapid preparation of autologus Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) from a small sample of blood taken at the patient’s point of care. The PRF can be mixed with autograft and/or allograft bone prior to application to a bony defect for improving handling characteristics. It requires only one centrifugation without pipetting, mixing, heating or additives. Every component of the IntraSpin™ System has been specifically selected and engineered to act in concert as a graft delivery. IntraSpin System components have been FDA cleared and are optimized to ensure proper material biocompatibility and clinical performance.


A simple three-step processing protocol necessitates drawing blood, spinning blood and expressing the fibrin clot in the Xpression Fabrication Kit. The system is comprised of three product groups specifically designed for completing this processing protocol.

The IntraSpin™ System establishes a three-step protocol for drawing and centrifuging the patient’s blood, removing the fibrin clot and processing it in the Xpression™ Fabrication Kit. A thin, compressed layer of Platelet Rich Fibrin or plugs for extraction sites can then be formed, using either the internal plate or the piston assembly.

                   - IntraSpin System

Applications in Dental /Oral

and Maxillofacial Surgical Sites


Including but not limited to:

   • Bone defects5

   • Extraction sockets1,4,5,6

   • Sinus and dental ridge augmentation4,5

   • Palatal defects7

   • Maxillary bone atrophy1,5

L-PRF™ matrix acts as a carrier for particulate bone material4. When incorporated, the graft material is suspended in the fibrin matrix and handling characteristics are dramatically improved.

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The ONLY FDA Cleared Device CE Marked, ISO 13485:2003

Certified MEDICAL DEVICE for the Production of L-PRF.

How it Works

Blood Collection Material

The Blood Sample Collection Set and materials have been selected for proper biocompatibilty, collection and maintenance of the blood sample.


The IntraSpin™ Centrifuge has a specific configuration and set of dynamic parameters. It has been calibrated and tested to ensure separation of the blood into proper segments and consistencies for Platelet Rich Fibrin.

Fabrication Kit & Instrumentation

The Tissue Regeneration Kit includes the Xpression™ Box which is engineered to optimize the final step in the fabrication of Platelet Rich Fibrin. The weighted press is designed to express serum from the fibrin clot in a controlled manner and to form thin compressed layer of Platelet Rich Fibrin of a consistent thickness. A piston and cylinder assembly is used for the creation of Platelet Rich Fibrin plugs. The kit and instrumentation is also designed to aid incorporating graft material within the Platelet Rich Fibrin matrix.



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