FlatTop Dental Implants

Eliminate Intermediate Abutments


FlatTop Implants feature a one-piece design incorporating selected Intra-Lock® implant bodies with a FlatOne® prosthetic abutment interface. This eliminates the possibility of any abutment micro-movement and maximizes overall strength. The one-piece construction also simplifies placement and condenses restorative inventory requirements. It combines, in one unit, the time-tested design features of an advanced full arch restorative system with the micro architectural enhancements and bio-active performance of the OSSEAN® surface BLOSSOM® Implants.













FlatTop prosthetic connection has a flat occlusal table, the same as the FlatOne® Abutment, that mates precisely with FlatOne® Casting Cylinders. This allows passive placement of a suprastructure, even in challenging cases when implants are extremely divergent. Ideal for screw retained bridges or bars, it provides accurate passive seating of the final restoration.


A full compliment of laboratory components aides in the restoration of FlatTop One-Piece Implants. Many of these same components are also utilized in the FlatOne® Abutment System.

One-Piece Design

Flat Occlusal Table

Condenses Restorative Inventory

Maximizes Overall Strength.

OSSEAN® Surface

Patented BLOSSOM® Design

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