Delfin2 Surgical Motor System

Accurate, Reliable, Versatile.

The Delfin2 Surgical Motor System is superbly designed to function as an implant/endodontic/surgical motor system. The powerful 40,000 RPM motor automatically interfaces with five distinct handpiece ratios, enabling speeds that range from 15 – 200,000 RPM, and torque values that range from a max of 80Ncm in “Implant Mode”, down to 4.95 Ncm in “Surgical Mode” and 1000 g-cm in “Endo Mode”. The controls are located on the electronic console which has six custom-preset buttons and an internal computer featuring an upgradeable OS.


The incomparable 20:1 Mont Blanc 20:1 handpiece is included

in this package. It delivers torque values up to 80Ncm and is unmatched in quality, precision and ergonometrics. The Delfin™2 System is aptly designed to enable the full potential of this fine handpiece. A calibration test and Dynamometer Program fine tunes the system, enabling these components to run in complete harmony and impeccable accuracy.


This versatile and powerful oral surgery system is ideal for the dental professional who demands not only fine quality and elegant precision, but is also looking for a system that will provide for long-term use and maximum flexibility.


Precision and Accuracy

The internal calibration program combined with the depth control handpiece enable extreme accuracy and precision when determining torque values and drilling to specific depths.


Elegance in the Operatory

The stylish design, illuminated display and sleek profile make the Delfin2 an esthetic as well as a functional addition to any surgical suite.


Smartness and Flexibility

The intuitive user interface provides for six custom programs that are available for a drilling sequence when placing implants, and another six when performing endodontic procedures. The intelligent power supply monitors the voltage and automatically adjusts to 100 or 240 volts and 50 or 60 Hz.


High Reliability and Performance

Two-year warranty on the console system and one-year on Mont Blanc handpieces.


Hands- Free Operation

All drilling sequences, irrigation, forward and reverse rotations are easily controlled with the foot control unit.


Computer and SDS Card Eelectronics Delfin2 incorporates simple and easy re-programming via SDS memory card. Updates your system in seconds.


Built-in Pump

The flow rate of the integrated, powerful peristaltic pump can be adjusted via the foot-control unit in increments of 10% to deliver up to 140 ml/min. The reusable irrigation system can be sterilized up to 80 times for considerable savings and better protection of the environment.


Variable Speed Foot Control Unit

The Delfin™2 Variable-Speed Foot Control comes as standard equipment on the Delfin™2 System. It can control motor speed, direction, torque, preset selection, flow rate and turn the pump On/Off. It can select Implant or Endodontic presets and individual Endo files by simply pressing the Orange button on the Foot Control Unit. The pedal allows for variable or on/off operation of the System.


Wide Selection of Handpieces

Delfin™2 offers a wide selection of handpieces for implantology, oral surgery and endodontics. Mont Blanc 20:1 contra-angles deliver up to 80Ncm of torque and are available with and without depth control. The oral surgeon can select either straight or contra- angle handpieces of 1:2 to deliver up to 80,000 rpm, while the endodontist can select handpieces of 8:1 with latch or push-button locking mechanisms.



The Delfin™2’s dynamometer calibration system ensures the greatest operational accuracy. Six programmable preset buttons allow for complete personalization, making it ideal to work with any implant system. The powerful motor provides maximum torque for any surgical application, including third molar extractions, making this a great Stryker™ replacement!


40 K rpm Autoclavable Micromotor

Includes autoclavable tubing and 10 pump tubing replacement.



The Delfin™2 is compatible with E-type 1:8 endo, 20:1

implant, 1:1, 1:2 surgical, and 1.5 high speed handpieces.


Adjustable Torque

 • Up to 80Ncm in Implant Mode

 • Up to 4.95 Ncm for surgical applications

 • Up to 1,000 g-cm in Endo Mode


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