Intra-Lock® International Inc., headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, USA, is a leading provider of innovative dental restoration solutions including a wide range of dental implants, bio-materials and prosthetic abutments. Intra-Lock dental implants are biologically driven in design. Their architectures are “site-specific” which encourages physiologic harmony and ensures an ideal tissue response when compromised bone volume, density and/or extraction site defects are encountered. Intra-Lock’s advanced bioactive surface, OSSEAN®, its ergonomic delivery technology,

Drive-Lock and its exceptional abutment stability

offer a complete solution for dental implant specialists.


Intra-Lock’s origins can be dated back to the 1990’s when an international coalition of dental professionals, biologists, design engineers, and manufacturing craftsmen were assembled to further the evolution of existing dental implant technology. With a fresh slate, they began a design and development project that was global in extent and encompassed decades of research and analysis.


By analyzing “proven” designs and the latest and most valid biological principles, they realized that within this multidisciplinary data there existed the opportunity to provide the discipline with significant advancements in the design of implant systems. Armed with this new database of knowledge, a prototype implant and a novel delivery system was developed. It was named the “Intra-Lock System” and was marketed for almost a decade in Europe and the Americas. Tens of thousands of implants were placed and evaluated. Clinical success, patient acceptance and confidence in this system by the practitioners who used it led to the 2001 worldwide debut of Intra-Lock International, Inc.


Today Intra-Lock’s family of practitioners has grown to include a vast array of dentists, dental specialists and implant surgeons worldwide.


The company’s proprietary product manufacturing facility is located in Vista, California, and its surface finishing, biomaterial laboratories, packaging/shipping, and Global Headquarters are in southern Florida.

Since its founding, Intra-Lock continues to make significant investments in the research and development of dental implant systems based on three

fundamental pillars:


  Surface Treatment

  Micro and Macro Architectural Designs

  A full range of Scientifically Engineered

   Restorative Components


Intra-Lock’s innovative technology addresses the most important factors in determining successful outcomes including increased efficiency of the initial biologic interactions in an osteotomy, enhancing the immediate stability of the implant, enabling faster integration which reduces the time to final reconstruction while preserving bone and soft tissues over the long term.


While most implant companies manufacture an implant system that consists of a single macro-architecture across varying sizes, this “one-size-fits-all” mentality fails to address the challenges of implant sites where volume, density and extraction site defects compromise initial stability and healing. Intra-Lock differentiates itself by offering several different architectures and thread designs, each of which is engineered to be “site-specific”.

Its truly comprehensive array of implant systems range from 2mm to 6mm in diameter, tapered to straight body architectures and internal, external and one piece prosthetic connections.

Biomimetic Implant Technology

Biologically-Driven Implant

Systems and Products.

History & Company Overview



For those already using Intra-Lock Systems, there will be no change in protocol or instrumentation, with the exception of the Drive-Lock Drivers. This new system will add greater depth and versatility to your existing systems.


For new practitioners, you will have the opportunity to immediately stock your inventory with the finest, most versatile system available in this category.


Look for the new GOLD&BLUE label to be confident that you will not only be proud of your restorations today, but will be assured they will stand the test of time.


Restorative Simplicity...



The Gs restorative connection components fit ALL GOLD&BLUE SYSTEM implant sizes. If a wider emergence profile is appropriate, the BLUE restorative connection components can be used on the wide body (4.75mm) implant.



Some practitioners are accustomed to restoring implants with abutments compatible with an internal hex configuration. For those practitioners, Intra-Lock’s IntraHex provides the flexibility of utilizing a familiar restorative system without sacrificing surgical integrity.


Now the technological advances found in Intra-Lock’s Gold&Blue Internal Connection Implant bodies are available on a wide selection of implants…with an internal–hex abutment connection.


IntraHex Implants feature the biologically active surface treatment, OSSEAN® found on all Intra-Lock implants. OSSEAN activates the body’s natural healing abilities and stimulates bone cell metabolism; encouraging accelerated healing.


Biologically and clinically evidence-driven body designs address a wide range of clinical applications. BLOSSOM’s® (patent pending) efficient self-tapping technology features a fully integrated tapping configuration that is distributed along the body of the implant. It continually cuts through the bone with remarkable efficiency allowing for lower insertion torque with reduced micro-movement (greater stability).


Practitioners can now enjoy the same clinically trusted implant features with a familiar compatible restorative connection.

“Long-term” Denture Stabilization...

Multiple Treatment Options


One of the most rewarding and appreciated procedures that can be offered to patients wearing a denture is the ability to enhance retentiveness and stability. This is particularly true of patients who wear lower dentures. Small-diameter MDL® Implants are the ideal answer to this stability issue. Among MDLs outstanding characteristics are ease of placement, minimum soft or hard-tissue trauma to the patient and the ability to immediately load and provide function. The implants are profiled for strength, stability and ease of insertion.


MDL implants are available in 2mm and 2.5mm

diameters with lengths ranging from 10mm to 18mm

featuring the patented Drive-Lock technology

designed to optimize delivery. In addition, the patented Cement-Over Abutment simply fits over the O-Ball assembly, converting the implant from a removable to a fixed prosthetic option. In addition the Cement-Over Abutment includes an orthodontic version. Intra-Lock’s Mini Drive-Lock implants are the only small diameter implants in the world that have the bioactive OSSEAN® surface.


True “Convertible” Implant One-Piece Strength…Two Piece Versatility


MILO® is Intra-Lock’s one-piece 3.0mm diameter

Dental Implant System. Engineered as a true “convertible” small diameter implant, MILO is endowed with qualities that render it ideal for long-term denture stabilization or fixed prosthetic options. MILO implants are available in five lengths (10, 11.5, 13, 15, and 17mm) and two thread profiles (Fine Pitch and Wide Pitch) that are engineered to address the clinical quality and quantity of bone. MILO’s one-piece design has far greater strength and fatigue resistance than a 3.75mm standard two-piece implant. Patented Cement-Over™ Abutments available in Straight, 15 degree, Wide and Castable designs simply fit over the O-Ball assembly converting the implant from removable to fixed prosthetic options. As with MDL implants, MILO implants feature Drive-Lock technology for mountless, efficient placement and have the bioactive OSSEAN surface.


Site Specific Designs

Encourage Physiologic Harmony


Multiple implant architectures, both Tapered and Straight Bodies, are included in Intra-Lock’s internal connection implant system. Diameters from 3.4mm to 6.0mm address a wide variety of clinical applications and all feature the biologically active OSSEAN  Surface. Clinically-driven evidence enables these designs to enhance initial stability and preserve per implant soft and hard tissues. The implants are placed with the aid of Drive-Lock technology for smooth, uninterrupted delivery from sterile package to implant site without the need for an implant mount. Implant delivery and placement is accomplished with an economy of instrumentation and without deformation of the prosthetic interface. InDex is the system’s proprietary Ferrule/Morse Taper connection. It takes advantage of Intra-Lock’s latest manufacturing and engineering capabilities providing an interface that is stable, robust and long-lasting. The BLOSSOM® self-taping cutting design is also a prominent component on the implants in this system, enabling surgical seating with significantly diminished trauma.



In addition, Intra-Lock’s prosthetic components offer the restorative dentist unparalleled sophistication in oral rehabilitation, with simplicity in treatment planning and instrumentation.


From the prosthetic platform to the apical end, the

system’s advanced bioactive surface, ergonomic

delivery, self-cutting design, and exceptional abutment stability work as one to provide a total solution for the discerning implant specialist.


Intra-Lock’s internal prosthetic connection, InDex utilizes a proprietary, clinically proven ferrule connection. It is designed to create a superior antimicrobial seal by significantly reducing microleakage and micromovement of the abutment. The InDex feature of the connection is custom engineered to allow for easily replicating the abutment position providing a precise, reliable method for fabricating indirect restorations. It allows for six position indexation (or every 60°), and provides an anti-rotational, solid foundation that can be relied on for lateral stability as well as a true biologic seal.


A clinical retaining screw with an enhanced microscopic surface reduces screw loosening, and ensures ultimate compressive clamping force.

Solid Strength





Classic Hex Connection

New Generation of Biologic Designs


Many clinicians have achieved excellent success with external hex dental implant systems first introduced over four decades ago. This record of successful clinical experiences combined with technological advances developed by Intra-Lock, inspired a new generation and standard of excellence for this classic hex design. Intra-Lock’s Universal Hex Connection utilizes the standard Branemark 2.7mm wide and 0.7mm tall hex connection making it fully compatible with the most widely used prosthetic standard. This same connection is shared by all of Intra-Lock’s implant architectures; 3.3mm, 4.0mm and 4.75mm diameters. Exceptional manufacturing quality and the strength of titanium alloy ensures a more stable external hex connection than ever before. Intra-Lock’s Clinical Retaining Screw, characterized by a proprietary enhanced microscopic surface structure, allows the maximum amount of pre-stress to be applied when tightening the final restoration. This combination of quality, strength, and technology are important factors in reducing micro-movement, minimizing micro-leakage and avoiding screw loosening.


All three diameter platforms in the UniHex System can be restored with a single platform-sized restorative component making this proven system an excellent selection for those clinicians who prefer the advantages of a Hex connection.


Simplicity & Efficiency

One-Piece (OP) Reliability


OP is a one-piece dental implant system designed for single tooth replacement or short-span fixed prostheses where parallelism can be readily achieved. As with all Intra-Lock dental implants, the OP features the bio-active surface OSSEAN and Drive-Lock technology

for mountless delivery and placement. The Drive-Lock

instrumentation has been customized for the OP System adding to its economy of placement. Simplicity and efficiency of design are the hallmark of these implants therefore making them an ideal solution when minimum preparation of abutments is necessary. The implants are available in 3.0mm, 3.75mm, 4.0mm, and 4.75mm. There is also a 4.75mm CT (conical-thread design, which functions much like an Osteotome) for compromised bone (type IV) with lengths of 10mm, 11mm and 13mm (the 3.0mm, 3.75mm versions also are available in a 15mm length).


Simplicity & Efficiency

One-Piece (OP) Reliability


In an age of immediate function, dental implant patients demand not only beautiful teeth and excellent performance, but also an economic, definitive restoration as quickly as possible. The FlatOne® Protocol is designed for full arch rehabilitation with these criteria in mind. It reduces chairside, laboratory costs, and the overall healing process. The finished case is a full arch fixed prosthesis…not a hybrid denture. The heart of the system is a screw-retained metal framework that attaches to FlatOne abutments. This framework enables the fabrication of a cost effective, highly esthetic final restoration that is characterized by exceptional strength and durability.


Fractal Surface Structure.

CaPO4 Impregnated...

Beyond The Nano Scale


The OSSEAN bio-active surface is found on all of Intra-Lock’s implants. Its structure is engineered to increase host-to-implant biocompatibility and biomechanical response. It is characterized by having a surface topography that is similar at all levels of magnification, from the surface to the Nano-scale level. The repetitive nature of this surface is defined as “fractal”, as with a set of Russian dolls the structure, when viewed at different levels of magnification, has the same basic repetitive characteristics. The surface beyond the Nano-metric level displays an ideal surface for fibrin attachment. At the micrometric level, the pattern is appropriate for platelet deposition. Under lower magnification, the pattern shows receptor sites that encourage the growth of osteoblasts.


Well beyond the Nano-metric level, impregnated in the titanium oxide layer of OSSEAN are calcium phosphate molecules. These molecules are more than a thousand times smaller than Nano-particles themselves allowing them to be extremely fixed to the surface (one with the implant) while maintaining their bio-active properties.


A New Cutting Technology for

the Dental Implant Architecture


The scientists and bioengineers at Intra-Lock, focusing on the mechanical and biological interactions of the implant as it is initially seated in bone, designed a new “Cutting-Edge” self-tapping configuration called BLOSSOM®. It enables the implant to continually cut through bone with increased surgical efficiency and negligible force resulting in minimal trauma.


Eliminating the need for conventional flutes and vents that traditionally define self-tapping implants,

BLOSSOM features a fully integrated tapping configuration that is evenly spaced and distributed along the implant. As a result BLOSSOM implant placement lowers insertion torque while increasing initial stability. Additionally the BLOSSOM cutting architecture eliminates “crowding “and produces fewer, more evenly distributed bone particles. This “self-clearing” action promotes faster osseointegration while simultaneously generating a physiologic autologous micro-graft.


Compress Treatment Time

Chairside Platelet Therapy


L-PRF is a 3-D autogenous combination of Platelet Rich Fibrin derived from the patients’ blood. A simplified chairside procedure, utilizing Intra-Lock’s FDA cleared Intra-Spin System results in the production of a thin, compressed layer of platelet rich fibrin that is strong, pliable and suitable for surgical manipulation and suturing. This natural fibrin network is rich in platelets, growth factors and cytokines that are derived from the blood platelets and leukocytes. The presence of these proteins has been reported to produce rapid healing, especially during the critical two week period after placement. This network promotes more efficient cell migration and proliferation without chemical or bovine thrombin additives.


L-PRF can be mixed with autograft and/or allograft bone prior to application to a bony defect thus improving handling characteristics. It is indicated but not limited to extraction sockets, sinus and dental ridge augmentation procedures, palatal defects, and maxillary bone atrophy.


For citings and abstracts regarding any of these products, please refer to our Scientific Literature pages.

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