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Please read what a few of our Leukocyte & Platelet Rich Fibrin / IntraSpin dental professionals have to say about implementing L-PRF into their practice; as Dr. Robert Horowitz states: “…might change your way of thinking / treating patients significantly.”

This message was provided by Dr. Lee Sheldon.


It is one of his weekly AAIP Monday Morning Minute messages delivered by email to provide  weekly tips to improve ones practice.

Dr. Lee Sheldon has served in leadership roles in various dental organizations. He was the Chairman of the dental department at Holmes Regional Medical Center. He has chaired the Brevard Study Club since 1995, bringing dental continuing education to Brevard County dentists. And he is an associate clinical professor in the University of Florida College of Dentistry’s graduate department of periodontology, where he helps train periodontists of the future. Dr. Lee Sheldon has a long history of using the printed and spoken word to educate people on healthcare issues, especially those concerning oral healthcare.

"A paradigm shift in implant dentistry and tissue regeneration. What patient would not want there own blood used for the purpose of accelerated and enhanced healing? At minimum, you can expect amazing soft tissue healing and maturation, at best you are laying the "seeds” for enhanced bone growth. L-PRF contains concentrated mediators and stem cells for cell to cell signaling that will hasten osteoblastic activity and provide a matrix for endothelial vascularization. It's easy, inexpensive and patients appreciate the higher level of service."

Dr. Peter Kampf

General Clinician; New York, NY

"The L-PRF IntraSpin System has made a huge difference in my practice. I am doing more sinus lifts and other augmentation procedures with great success which I attribute to the use of L-PRF. My confidence level in these situations is elevated because of the unbelievable results I am seeing on a regular basis. The healing is amazing. This technology should be in every implant practice".

Dr. Bruce Knecht

Restorative Clinician; Coconut Creek, FL

"I have been using L-PRF on a daily basis for the last 6 years in all my socket, sinus and ridge augmentation procedures. I have consistently experienced accelerated soft and hard tissue healing. The patient response has been overwhelming and referring doctors have embraced the concept."

Dr. Michael Toffler

Periodontist; New York, NY

"I have been using biologic growth factors for over 13 years. I find that the IntraSpin L-PRF System provides the opportunity to create membranes simply and predictably. These are perfect for repairing sinus perforations, in addition to performing socket grafts and ridge augmentation. This is a great service for my patients and one which is very cost effective."

Dr. Kenneth Levine

Periodontist; Tamarac, FL

“L-PRF has optimized the way I treat my patients. It allows me and my restorative team to provide the optimal hard and soft tissue base for conventional periodontal therapy and implant-supported dentistry. After soft tissue regenerative treatments there is less discomfort, less swelling and a remarkable aesthetic outcome. Socket, sinus, lateral ridge augmentation and other bony procedures have yielded more vital bone with greater volume. The IntraSpin System allows for a simplified procedure, reliable soft/hard tissue grafting and the subsequent placement of implants. Even the phlebotomy, in which I was never trained in any of my 3 residencies, was quick to implement. L-PRF gives me the easiest and most cost effective method to obtain predictable and outstanding growth enhancers to improve all of the surgical therapy delivered in my practice.”

Dr. Robert Horowitz

Periodontist; Scarsdale, NY

"The IntraSpin L-PRF system was easily incorporated into my practice and is used on a daily basis. I have found it to be effective, cost efficient, and with FDA approval, a high degree of patient acceptance. The staff actually enjoys using it and it has proven itself to be an excellent technique to augment numerous surgical procedures from extraction sites (and) bone grafting to soft procedures."

Dr. Robert A Demick

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon; Sunrise, FL

“I’ve been utilizing L-PRF in conduction with my implant surgical protocols and have experienced excellent outcomes. Initial wound healing is accelerated, with significantly less post-operative discomfort and complications compared with conventional grafting and implant procedures. It is now an integral part of my surgical implant protocols.”

Dr. Aldo Leopardi

Prosthodontist; Denver, CO

"L-PRF and the IntraSpin System have made a big difference on my patient's healing time. I use it for almost all my extractions. Especially my diabetics and smokers haven't had an issue with the dry socket. And healing time is cut in less than half. I love IntraSpin L-PRF machine. I very much recommend that any dentist that does surgeries should have one in their office. It will make you look like a hero!"

Dr. Mandy Mir Esmaili

Restorative Clinician; Fort Lauderdale, FL

"Having used many different biologic materials to enhance healing, the use of l-PRF offers clinicians an excellent, simple, and economical alternative for various procedures. The addition of l-PRF fibrin matrices during our live surgery courses for sinus augmentation and other bone grafting procedures has provided our clinicians with a proven autologous solution that provides consistent results for our patients."

Dr. Scott D. Ganz

Prosthodontist; Fort Lee, NJ

I have been using IntraSpin and producing L-PRF for my implant patients for the past 3 years on almost all of my cases that need bone grafting. What I am finding is that osseointegration times have been shortened considerably because of the use of the L-PRF. I am able to measure those wait times much more accurately now because I have an Ostell measuring device which tells me when the implant can be successfully loaded. My estimate is that the wait time is cut in half with the use of the L-PRF. Other times have been even reduced more. Some of my maxillary implants can be loaded in 2 months instead of 6 months because of PRF. With the use of my Biolase laser I am also cleaning out sockets much more aggressively and using L-PRF to fill large boney defects and placing implant immediately whereas previously I would be more conservative and place bone graft only and wait longer than 3 months on the lower and 6months on the upper. I am finding with the credibility of the Ostell measuring device that I can confidently load implants even with these large defects sooner because of the higher growth factors in the L-PRF.

Dr. Richard Leong

General Clinician; Melbourne, FL

"Intra-Lock's L-PRF system has become an integral part of our regenerative armamentarium. We have been using numerous bio-activators for over 15 years in an effort to enhance our clinical results. We routinely use L-PRF as autologous barriers when doing bone grafts as well as augmenting bone during placement of endosseous implants. Our utilization of L-PRF has come about after evaluating controlled clinical studies and the utilization has been accentuated as a result of our own enhanced clinical results."

Dr. Edward Mills

Restorative Clinician; Director of the Georgia Regents Maxi Course, Past President of the AAID and Director of the Advanced Dental Implant Studies; Atlanta, GA

"Intra-lock IntraSpin and its L-PRF system is a necessary tool for any implantologist. While reducing healing times, generating better and stronger grafts, (and) increasing my success rate are all great things, the best one is the one that the patient can attest to reduced healing times and reduced pain. If it was for that alone and not the other great healing attributes, one would never have to think twice about investing in one. It's one of the best investments I have made, and could not imagine myself working without it."

Dr. Edward Broggi

General Clinician; Boynton Beach, FL

"I have been using Intra-lock's Intra Spin to create L-PRF for 5 years. As a dentist who is trained as a Naturopath it is important to incorporate techniques that are minimally invasive, biologically driven and in harmony with the bodies homeostasis. We routinely use L-PRF in all extractions as a socket replacement graft. We see amazing pain free healing; particularly with the other biologic modalities we couple it with - Surgical lasers for debridement, Ozone as a potent antibacterial and biologic stimulator and Low Level Laser therapy. As an implantologist we see the beautiful natural bone that the L-PRF guides the body to restore. It only makes sense to use the bodies own tissue, stem cells and numerous growth factors to repair itself. I could not be the dentist that I am without it."

Dr.Warren Chris Edwards

General Clinician; Viera, FL

"Not just an adjunct to our grafting armamentarium; L-PRF has changed the way we do grafting! LPRF creates a biomimetic scaffold with increased osteogenic potential in the most natural way possible. The tissue response and optimized wound healing is amazing, the accelerated healing time for bone regeneration is exciting both for the patient and the doctor and the technique is simple, inexpensive and efficient. LPRF now employed in every case we do!"

Dr. Terence Lau

General Clinician; Northridge, CA

"As a phlebotomist working in a dental practice, I have had the opportunity to see several different chair side platelet therapy systems and the L-PRF IntraSpin System from Intra-Lock that our practice uses now is simple and easy to use. The patients love it and the results are outstanding"

Tami Martin

Nationally Certified Phlebotomist; Clearwater, FL

"I was recently introduced to L-PRF technique and was impressed right away. IntraSpin System from Intra Lock has made a big difference with my patient's healing time. I recommend and use it on all my tissue regenerative procedures even on extractions. I have noticed especially in my medically complicated patients and even smokers, that healing time is faster and with less post op complications. I can surely say that the System paid for itself in these 5 months just on money I save on bone graft and membranes. I recommend this system to any dentist that does surgeries, (who) wants to improve patient's procedural outcomes and last but not least, their bottom line."

Dr. Aleksander Precaj

General Clinician; Clearwater, FL

"The IntraSpin L-PRF system is one of the best investments I have made for my dental practice. As a general dentist with an emphasis on dental implant surgery and restoration I was easily able to incorporate PRF into my practice and now cannot imagine working without it. So what's so great about it? First, the healing and recovery for the patients are incredible; decreased inflammation, expedited recovery from surgery and overall happy patients. Second, the increased success of guided bone regeneration and implant integration makes for a more efficient dental practice both clinically and fiscally. Third, ROI is immeasurable. Patients heal so well and quickly that they view the dental provider with extreme confidence opening the door for increased productivity and new patient referrals. PRF is easy to use with consistent predictable results and is a must have product for all dental offices."

Michael Koyfman

General Clinician; Orlando, FL

"L-PRF has offered me and my patients excellent results with an increase in soft tissue and healing around natural teeth and dental implants. I also have excellent results with sinus lifts using only L-PRF; without any other biomaterial. This is also the case with guided bone regeneration for dental implant placements and osseointegration. It is a very simple protocol based on the IntraSpin System. We use it routinely in our practice"

Dr. Luis G. Peredo

Ms. Sc, Ph. D., Santa Cruz, Bolivia

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