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Full System

The IntraSpin System includes the IntraSpin Centrifuge,

the Blood Collection Material Kit and the Xpression Fabrication Kit. It is available with either one or two

Xpression Fabrication Kits.

Single System: ISS110

     IntraSpin™ System Single, 110 volts

     Includes Centrifuge, BDTRK and BCS (See Below)


Dual System: ISD110

     IntraSpin™ System Dual, 110 volts

     Includes Centrifuge, 2 x BDTRK and BCS (See Below)

Tissue Regeneration Kit: BDTRK

Includes Items Below

     Xpression™ Box

     Surgical Tissue Forceps

     Surgical Curved Scissors

     Round Stainless Steel Bowl

     Rectangular Stainless Steel Bowl

     Dual Biomaterial Carrier Spatula

     Dual Biomaterial Packer

     Test Tube Rack


Blood Collection System: BCS

Includes items below

     Pack of 100 IntraSpin™ Blood Collection Tubes

     25 Butterfly Needles, Blood Collection Set

     Latex-Free Tourniquet



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