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Press Release
Scientists Confirm Breakthrough Nano-Technology in Dental Industry

The scientifically-confirmed, DNA expression-altering OSSEAN®, developed by Boca Raton, Fla.-based
Intra-Lock®, International, Inc., dramatically improves implant healing

BOCA RATON, Fla. (June 9, 2014) – As reported in the internationally renowned scientific journal, Bone [in press for Aug. 2014], a research team from New York University has confirmed what scientific developers at Intra-Lock® International, Inc. have known for several years: the fractal, nano-rough OSSEAN® surface developed for their dental implants actually changes the cellular genetic expression – or the fate of stem cells – at the nano-level, which in turn induces faster healing of implants.


Fort Lauderdale, Florida, — August 22, 2014

Intra-Lock Files Suit to Protect Consumers from Unapproved Dental Device

On July 14, 2014, Intra-Lock® International, Inc. filed a lawsuit against Joseph Choukroun, his company Process for PRF, SARL (France), and a series of U.S.-based distributors that sell Choukroun’s medical device kit for the production of platelet-rich fibrin (PRF). The lawsuit alleges that the Choukroun kit that is marketed as A-PRF is a Class II medical device that is not cleared for sale in the U.S. All Class II medical devices require premarket clearance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before they can be sold in the U.S.

Intra-Lock® International has received premarket clearance from FDA for its PRF production system known as the IntraSpinTM System. To date, the IntraSpinTM System is the only system for production of PRF cleared for sale by the FDA. It is important that all dentists using PRF in their practices use a system that has been evaluated and cleared by FDA, as the PRF system takes a patient’s blood, isolates the platelet-rich fibrin and then re-inserts the biological material into an open wound in a patient’s mouth. If that system does not have the types of design and quality controls, sanitation instructions or materials that FDA requires, a dentist could be endangering his patient’s wellbeing.

Intra-Lock® initiated legal action to protect consumers from potentially unsafe PRF systems and dentists from the potential liability associated with using Class II devices that have not been cleared by the FDA. Intra-Lock® International’s FDA-cleared IntraSpinTM System is available not only in the U.S., but also in many European and Asian countries.

About Intra-Lock®
Intra-Lock® International Inc., headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, USA, is a leading provider of innovative dental restoration solutions including a wide range of dental implants, bio-materials and prosthetic abutments. Intra-Lock dental implants are biologically driven in design. Their architectures are “site-specific,” which encourages physiologic harmony and ensures an ideal tissue response when compromised bone volume, density and/or extraction site defects are encountered. Intra-Lock’s advanced bioactive surface, OSSEAN®, its ergonomic delivery technology, Drive-Lock™ and its exceptional abutment stability offer a complete solution for dental implant specialists. In addition, Intra-lock’s FDA cleared Intra-Spin™ System is designed to enable an efficient, cost effective and simple chairside protocol for the fabrication of one of the most exciting tools in regenerative medicine, L-PRF (Leukocyte- and Platelet- Rich Fibrin). For more information, please visit our informative website

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Tissue Engineering with Leukocyte-Platelet Rich Fibrin (L-PRF)

Introduction of the IntraSpin™ System

Intra-Lock® International, Inc., Boca Raton, Florida, a U.S. manufacturer, announces the introduction of the IntraSpin™ System for the safe and rapid preparation of autologous leukocyte-platelet rich fibrin (L-PRF). L-PRF is mixed with autograft and/or allograft bone prior to application to a bony defect for improving handling characteristics. It is indicated but not limited to extraction sockets, sinus and dental ridge augmentation procedures, palatal defects and maxillary bone atrophy.

L-PRF can be easily fabricated chairside by using the FDA cleared Intra- Spin™ System and a simple protocol. Every component of the Intra-Spin™ System, including the Xpressions™ Fabrication Kit (U.S. Patent Pending), has been optimized to ensure proper biocompatibility and clinical performance for graft delivery.

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Intra-Lock® Enforces Intellectual Property Rights

PRESS Release Dentium Lawsuit

Intra-Lock® aggressively enforces its intellectual property rights. In June 2012, Intra-Lock filed a lawsuit in U.S. Federal Court against Korean dental implant manufacturer Dentium Co. Ltd. and it's North American subsidiary Dentium USA. In the lawsuit, Intra-Lock® alleged infringement of an Intra-Lock patent by an implant system that Dentium was offering for sale in the United States. Intra-Lock® has agreed to dismiss the lawsuit in return for Dentium's agreement not to sell the alleged infringing implant system in the United States.

Intra-Lock® will continue its policy of defending its innovations by enforcing its patent and trademark rights in the United States and in other jurisdictions where Intra-Lock has obtained such rights.

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BLOSSOM™, A New Technology Dental Implant Architecture

BLOSSOM Press Release

Intra-Lock® is proud to introduce BLOSSOM™, a new technology in self-tapping screw-type dental implant architecture. This engineering breakthrough (patent pending) eliminates the need for conventional flutes and vents that traditionally define self-tapping implants. Implants augmented with BLOSSOM™ self-tapping technology feature a fully integrated tapping configuration that is distributed along the implant. They are angled and augmented by evenly spaced, crescent-shaped, helical cutting segments. This design is intended to mitigate the high compressive forces that build up when conventional tapping segments become clogged with bone debris (crowding), which can unnecessarily increase insertion torque. BLOSSOM™ selftapping implants continually cut through the bone with remarkable efficiency and lower insertion torque; a result of greater cutting efficiency, the elimination of crowding and less friction. Reduced micro-movement is enhanced by greater intimate bone contact, larger volume of surface area engaged with bone and efficient tap architecture.

BLOSSOM™ technology is currently available on selected Intra-Lock Dental Implants.

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Intra-Lock® Introduces UniHex™Dental Implant System

PRESS Release UniHex

Intra-Lock® introduces UniHex™, an implant system featuring the clinically proven External Hex prosthetic connection. The implant body’s macro and micro designs are based upon many of the technological advances found in Intra- Lock’s Internal Connection Implant System. The selection of implant architectures are engineered to be “site-specific” and to encourage physiologic harmony. The implants all have the biologically active surface treatment OSSEAN®, reported in the literature to activate the body’s natural healing abilities stimulating bone cell metabolism and encouraging accelerated healing.

Intra-Lock's UniHex™ utilizes the standard Branemark 2.7mm wide by 0.7mm tall hex connection making it fully compatible with this most widely used prosthetic standard. This same connection is shared by all the system’s implant architectures; 3.4mm, 4.0mm and 4.75mm diameters. Exceptional manufacturing quality and the strength of titanium alloy ensures a more stable external hex connection than ever before. Intra-Lock’s Clinical Retaining Screw, characterized by a proprietary enhanced microscopic surface structure, allows the maximum amount of pre-stress to be applied when tightening the final restoration. This combination of quality, strength, and technology are important factors in reducing micro-movement, minimizing micro-leakage and avoiding screw loosening.

For the implant surgeon, this broad-based system will help ensure an ideal bone response when compromised volume, density, and extraction site defects are encountered. A single family of prosthetic components offer the restorative dentist unparalleled sophistication in oral rehabilitation, with simplicity in treatment planning and instrumentation.

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MILO®- A True “Convertible” One Piece 3.0mm Implant


MILO® is Intra-Lock’s one-piece 3.0mm diameter dental implant system. Engineered as a true “convertible” small diameter implant, it is endowed with qualities that render it ideal for long-term denture stabilization or fixed prosthetic options. Patented Cement-Over Abutments available in Straight, 15 degree, Wide, and Castable designs simply fit over the O-Ball assembly converting the implant from removable to fixed prosthetic options. A healing abutment is even available as an option. The MILO® implant system also features a special titanium abutment suitable for CAD/CAM ceramic restorations. MILO® implants may be immediately loaded or restored after a period of time. As with MDL® Implants, MILO® Implants feature Drive-Lock technology for mount less, efficient placement and have the bioactive OSSEAN® surface.

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Small Diameter Implant Systems

MDL® - Mini Drive-Lock

Intra-Lock’s MDL® small diameter dental implant system is thoughtfully engineered to provide ergonomic efficiency, prosthetic versatility and tissue compatibility for superior patient’s denture stability. The implants, available in 2.0 and 2.5mm diameters, are profiled for strength, stability and ease of insertion. They feature patented Drive-Lock™ technology that optimizes single motion delivery, from pick-up to placement. Intra-Lock’s MDL® implants are the only small diameter implants in the world that have the bioactive OSSEAN™ surface.

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