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An Internal Connection with clinical versatility

An Internal Connection with clinical versatility

EIGHT self-tapping implant body designs
No need to compromise on length, shape or width of your implant selection. Three Intralock Internal Connection implant platforms, 3.3, 4.3 and 5.5, incorporate an assortment of implant body designs and lengths that address a wide range of clinical situations and preferences.





Increased Treatment Solution


Intra-Lock MDL? Mini Dental Implants (Pat.Pend.) are progressively acid-etched and available in 2 diameters (2 mm and 2.5 mm) and five lengths (10 mm, 11.5 mm, 13 mm, 15 mm, 18 mm). MDL implants have an efficient self-tapping thread profile and a polished collar, just like a fullsized implant. The Intra-Lock MDL System includes an abutment designed for true provisional applications.


Thinking "Outside The Hex" and "Inside The Implant"


Intralock Internal Connection implant/prosthetic system Internal prosthetic connections have some distinct advantages over external hex configurations. Their lower center of gravity resists rotational and lateral forces and a supra-crestal interface is ideal for one-stage procedures. The challenge was to engineer a superb mechanical internal connection capable of offering the same wide range of restorative options found in external hex systems. To answer the challenge, Intra-Lock created a precision  that utilizes the Morse Taper concept combined with an indexing system capable of reproducible abutment positioning. Incorporating the clinically proven Morse Taper connection provides a friction fit that's completely stable. Once mated and tightened a bond is created that eliminates micro movements. Eliminating micro movements prevents screw loosening. An ingenious addition to the interface is the IN-DEX RETENTIVE SYSTEM. It provides a precise, reliable method for the accurate removal and replacement of abutments, thus allowing the fabrication of indirect restorations. Now a full range of two-piece and one piece abutments is available with the Intralock Internal Connection providing a selection of restorative options previously unimaginable.
Resistance to screw loosening, resistance to lateral forces, reproducible abutment positioning. Available on a multitude of implant body configurations so you can make your selection based upon the anatomical situations you encounter.


Incomparable ease, safety, precision and speed


hex driverThis worldwide patent pending carrier/driver system eliminates the need for an implant mount. It permits the clinician to pick up the implant directly from the sterile package, carry it to and thread it into the osteotomy site. Implant placement is achieved with incomparable ease, safety, precision and speed. Additionally, the tip of the Drive Lock is a 1.3 mm , designed to carry the cover screw to the implant and thread it into place.


The IN-DEX solution


Morse TaperIn-Dex registration provides a method for an abutment to be transferred from an analog and replaced in the implant in the same position with extreme precision, guaranteeing the accuracy of the final restoration. When a prosthesis is fabricated directly on the abutment by the laboratory technician, all of his skills can be brought to bear with respect to margins, parallelism, contour, framework design, morphology and esthetics. The In-Dex feature, which guarantees reproducible abutment positioning, is a completely independent component of the implant. Machined separately, the  is not compromised with respect to strength, form or function.


Reliability and economics


Take advantage of the convenience, reliability and economics of this one patient use, sterile packaged, 1.2 mm diameter pilot drill.  This Mini Drive-Lock Twist Drill utilizes a proprietary surgical stainless steel structured specifically to resist breakage.


With Miniature Implants, Size Matters.


Miniature ImplantsToo Small.
1.8mm: you can lose up to 30of the tensile strength.
Too Large.3.0mm: you can no longer employ the minimally invasive "Miniature Implant" placement protocol.
Just Right.
2.0mm and 2.5mm Mini Drive-Lock Implants.
Mini Drive-Lock profiles and dimensions were all carefully calculated for strength, ease of insertion and designed to specifically accommodate the miniature protocol. A sharp apical guiding point initiates the self-tapping process, even in the densest bone. The implant's thread pitch and wedge profile are configured to provide maximum strength where the highest forces are generated. They facilitate intimate contact between the bone and the implant surface to provide initial stability and encourage immediate load success.
Intra-Lock's Mini Drive-Lock Implants provide you with the diversity, properties, protocol and reliability that you demand and your patients require.


A flat abutment passive structure


flat abutment passive structureThe Intralock Flat Abutment permits you to fabricate a full-mouth rehabilitation or cross-arch splinting case indirectly, with the ability to resolve challenges of parallelism

External Hex implant System: Path of insertion is difficult due to multiple angled implants in a bar fabrication
Flat Abutment:Internal connection combined with a Flat Abutment ensures accurate, passive seating.


Torque-Lock Torque Wrench


Torque WrenchOne Wrench with Consistent,Precise Calibration from 10-50 Ncm. Capable of surgical and prosthetic applications. Designed for ease of use. Engineered to be extremely durable and virtually maintenance free. A critical factor in the success of assembled dental implant prostheses is the achievement of optimum torque as per manufacturers specifications. Torque-Lock is an intelligently designed torque wrench with jeweled bearing surfaces that provide the durability and precision of a Swiss watch. It has a calibrated range from 10-50 Ncm and is designed with a lightweight body and wide handle for ergonometric superiority. The torque gauge is strategically located on the end of the handle for easy viewing. In addition to its durability and low-maintenance requirements, Torque-Lock also serves as a Surgical ratchet wrench, capable of withstanding forces up to 150 Ncm


Site Specific


Site Specific No need to compromise when you must fulfill functional and esthetic demands within a limited space. The Intralock Internal 3.3mm Straight Body, one of nine internal body options, is designed to meet this challenge.Its size and configuration will enable access to confined spaces or narrow ridges while retaining enough structural strength to permit an internal body connection that accepts a wide range of restorative options. For fixed restorations, we offer cement-on, screw retained and castable abutments. For removable prostheses, choose from a selection of ball abutments. Intralock Internal 3.3mm also combines restorative versatility and ideal size with Drive-Lock technology. This mountless delivery system provides ease and efficiency of surgical placement that must be experienced to fully appreciate. Intralock Internal Straight Body 3.3mm Dental Implant. One of NINE Intralock Internal body designs for the Intelligent Advantage of implant treatment versatility.


Life's too short for loose dentures


Loose DenturesThe Miniature Drive-Lock System now provides treatment options for a whole host of new candidates who cannot tolerate extensive surgical procedures, are on a limited budget or in need of a rapid, interim solution to a complex dental treatment plan.  Denture wearers who are tired of having to use pastes and creams and suffer the embarrassment of loose and ill fitting dentures may be able to be retrofitted with this implant system.


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