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The ideal dental implant would resist the biologic and mechanical attacks it will face in its lifetime. Healthy, robust bone and soft tissue should surround the implant from day of placement, combating infection and preventing tissue degradation for years to come. The restorations must

withstand the test of time without screw loosening,

implant fracture or other mechanical failures.


Fortunately, recent advances in implant surface, connection technology and overall architecture have enabled the development of a dental implant that specifically addresses these criteria in ways only dreamed of in the past.


The ideal dental implants macro geometry does not create excessive stress during insertion maintaining physiologic compression of the surrounding bone. The surface is bio-active, not simply tolerating the bone interface, but actually recruiting stem cells that specifically differentiate

into osteoblasts. The prosthetic connection is a solid, strong

foundation for the restoration with a design that can tolerate long-term occlusal stresses.


It all comes down to three defining characteristics...


OSSEAN® Bio-Active

Surface Structure

CaPO4 Impregnated...

Fractal & Nano-Rough


OSSEAN® bio-active structure is similar at all levels of magnification, from the surface to the Nano scale level. At the Nano level OSSEAN displays an ideal surface for fibrin attachment. At the micrometric level, the pattern is appropriate for platelet deposition. Under lower magnification, the pattern shows receptor sites that encourage the growth of osteoblasts. Well beyond the Nano-metric level, impregnated in the titanium oxide layer of OSSEAN are calcium phosphate molecules. These molecules are more than a thousand times smaller than Nano-particles themselves allowing them to be extremely fixed to the surface (one with the implant) while maintaining their bio-active properties. OSSEAN's fractal, nano-rough surface actually favorably changes the cellular genetic expression at the nano-level, which in turn induces signifigantly faster healing of implants.


BLOSSOM® Redefining

Cutting Technology

*Reduced Insertion Torque...

with Increased Stability


BLOSSOM’s cutting technology is immediately apparent from the moment of insertion…and it’s no accident. This “Cutting-Edge” technology enables the implant to continually cut through bone with increased surgical efficiency and negligible force resulting in minimal trauma. Eliminating the need for conventional flutes and vents that traditionally define self-tapping implants, BLOSSOM features a fully integrated tapping configuration that is evenly spaced and distributed along the implant. As a result BLOSSOM implant placement lowers insertion torque while actually increasing initial stability. Additionally the BLOSSOM cutting architecture eliminates “crowding “and produces fewer, more evenly distributed bone particles. This “self-clearing” action promotes faster osseointegration while simultaneously generating a physiologic autologous



GOLD&BLUE Internal Connection

Ferrule / Morse Taper...

Solid Strength & Precise Mating


The GOLD&BLUE Platform is designed to provide the ultimate strength in implant connections. This robust, long-lasting connection has already set new performance records for fatigue resistance and tensile strength, as confirmed by laboratory tests. The connection utilizes a proprietary, clinically proven ferrule connection. It is designed to create a superior antimicrobial seal by significantly reducing micro-leakage and micro-movement of the abutment. Engineering, design and precise manufacturing combine to ensure the cycle of screw loosening, screw fracture, abutment fracture and finally implant fracture…is a problem of the past.




For those already using Intra-Lock Systems, there will be no change in protocol or instrumentation, with the exception of the Drive-Lock Drivers. This new system will add greater depth and versatility to your existing systems.


For new practitioners, you will have the opportunity to immediately stock your inventory with the finest, most versatile system available in this category.


Look for the new GOLD&BLUE label to be confident that you will not only be proud of your restorations today, but will be assured they will stand the test of time.


Restorative Simplicity...



The Gs restorative connection components fit ALL GOLD&BLUE SYSTEM implant sizes. If a wider emergence profile is appropriate, the BLUE restorative connection components can be used on the wide body (4.75mm) implant.

One Connection

for ALL implant sizes...



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